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Ad Posted:03 April 2017
Ad Expires:02 April 2021
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 Ad Information:http://www.kobo.com/gb/en/ebook/contract-law-notez
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 Company :Law Notez
 Location:East Yorkshire
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A new approach to understanding, applying and remembering essential elements of law. The author has taught law since 1983 at all levels from GCSE to postgraduate on both academic and professional courses.
Contract Notez focuses on the following: offers, acceptance, consideration, intention to contract,capacity along with invitations to treat.

Land Notez introduces, guides and assists the reader through this wonderful topic. Definitions are explained in everyday language and are related to examples from every day life.

Tort Notez trespass to land, to the person and goods along with conversion and the Rule in Wilkinson v Downton all feature in this work.

It has not been the intention to replace textbooks or works of authority on the subject. Instead this is an attempt to introduce and explain these wonderful torts. Packed full of cases,some chosen because of their novelty value, others because of their contribution to the continuing development of our law and others because they are essential.

Breaking away from the format of other books in the Notez series, we have not encouraged readers to go out and experience the subject matter directly for themselves. After all experiencing an assault, battery or false imprisonment is not something which we would recommend!

Copyright Notez explains how to protect what you have created whether it be books, music, artwork.

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