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We offer a number of affordable advertising options:
  • 'What's Hot' Ads
  • 'Editor's Pick' Ads
  • 'Text Box' Ads
  • 'Company Logo'
  • 'Buttons and Banners'

You can upgrade new and posted (active) ads to 'What's Hot' list at any time directly via your Uneeds account. For all other advertising options, please contact us to check availability and pricing scheme.

'What's Hot' Ads

These ads are highlighted with a 'Hot' icon and are listed in the featured ads section as well as appearing before normal ads in the subcategory pages regardless of posted date.

You will have the option of upgrading new and posted (active) ads to 'What's Hot’ (Featured Ads) list directly via your Uneeds account.

How to Upgrade Ads:

  • For New ads - select this option at the time of submitting ads.
  • For Posted (Active) ads - login to your account and select 'Add to Hot List' option available for each ad.

Rates start from just £4 depending on category/duration and are displayed at the time of selecting this option.

'Editor’s Pick' Ads

Our homepage provides a maximum of 20 featured ads under 'Editor's Pick’ list. The list features the title of each ad with a direct link to the ad page, therefore, creating an easy and quick way of reaching ads from our homepage.

'Text Box' Ads

The text box ads are displayed on the right-hand side bar (Advertisements); above our partners' banners. They include a short title/text which is linked to the submitted ad page or a website page. The text box ads are displayed on every page of our website.

'Company Logo'

Promote your brand by advertising your company logo at the top of all our main category/subcategory pages. Click here for a preview.

To display your company logo you will need to have a live ad on our site under the same category/subcategory page as the logo will be linked to your ad.

  • Size - 120 x 60 (min) 80 (max) pixels
  • Position - top left, along page title
  • Display Pages - specific page only
Special Offers:

Free Logo Advertising on Student Accommodation subcategory pages! Please contact us for further details.

'Buttons' and 'Banners'

There are a number of banner advertising spaces at the left and right sides of the screen.

Left Zone
  • Size - 200 x 100 (min) 300 (max) pixels
  • Position - below "Latest News"
  • Display Pages - homepage only
Right Zone
  • Sizes - 120 x 60 (min) 600 (max) pixels
  • Position - "Advertisement" section above our Partners' banners
  • Display Pages - every page of website
Special Offers:

An extra month Free when you book a two months banner advertising campaign. 

Please contact us to discuss your banner advertising requirements and pricing scheme prior to submission of any banners.
Please note that currently, we are not accepting banner submission directly through our website.

Thank you

The Uneeds Team

To apply for banner advertisement campaign, please Create a user account. If you already have an account with us, please logon first.

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